Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Enviro Minutes: Wed 16th May

Enviro Minutes: Wed 16th May
Here are the minutes for the latest enviro-team meeting. 

Mandy Veza from Roslyn School E-Team
Visit held Tuesday 15th May to look at enviro: presentation with students Flynn, Aiden F, Eli, Mia and Allie
  • Talked about projects run
  • Talked about blog
  • Talked about different teams
  • Mainly talked about student empowerment and how important it is to have a passionate team
    • Mrs Sutherland talked about “student empowerment”: students showed her what we got!

Junior Enviro Team
  • Run by Mrs Long and Kowhai team
  • Wants some people from Senior E-team to help Junior E-team
  • Check with Mrs Long about how we can help: coming from students
  • Junior E-team helpers
    • Tayla
    • Tara J
    • Flynn
    • Omar

Classroom Projects
  • Are there classroom projects? 
    • We have decided it's not necessary as classroom teachers are running their sustainability stuff.
  • Junior teachers would be fine/ wouldn’t need help
  • Canning Classroom Projects until later date (may support those in need)

  • Needing to revise composting gang
    • New roster available… COMING SOON
    • Printing out roster
    • Ensuring bins get out each day and collected in.Washing of bins on Fridays
  • Collective/everyone's responsibility: Collective group instead of one/ two people
  • Working on revising the paper recycling roster

Construction Gang
  • Budget - waiting on Mrs Sutherland
  • Aisling and Tara leasing with Mary Anne

Update on Working Bee in conjunction with Nga Kaakano Puawai
  • Have talked to Mr Robinson. He wants:
    • Weeding gardens, school maintenance, etc
    • Need a “big project” for the Working Bee
  • Working Bee Team to re-talk to Mr Robinson 
  • Allie to get an update in the newsletter 

Minutes written by Flynn

Saturday, April 7, 2018

5th of April Meeting

For our 5th of April meeting, we had a meeting with the three ladies that have been working on the community garden for almost 2 years!  We talked about some of our enviro team to work with them every Monday/Friday lunchtime on the garden.  We are going to put out information in our newsletter on gardening things we may need and sketch up some plans on what we want to plant in the garden that we aren't already growing.  Community Garden here we come!

E-Cycle Wellington Run

Maungaraki School takes part in the E-Cycle Wellington Run every year.  We give our IT equipment that we no longer use to the We Buy Computers Company.  Last year we were one of the over 100 schools to take part and we are keen to continue to recycle IT equipment this year too.  Its great to be able to recycle our unwanted things to help the environment!  In the week of the 30th of April 2018 our IT things will get collected, we are looking forward to it!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

First E-Team Meeting Of 2018!

Here is a group of keen kids at the first e-team meeting of 2018!  We talked about really interesting stuff like composting, paper recycling and gardening gang.  We look forward to a year full of environmental activities as we are going for our green gold next year!
Here is a list of the E-Team members for 2018:
Dylan H
Tara Mc

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Enviro Silver Reflection

Enviro Silver Reflection:

On Monday of week 3, the Maungaraki school e-team had their silver assesment. We started off the assessment with a performance from our Kapa Haka group to welcome Micheline Evans, who helped us decide whether we were a Silver enviro school or not. After the performance, Mr Robertson gave a short speech about how Maungaraki school has evolved within Enviro over the years.

The Enviro team then came together as a group to meet with Micheline and begin the assessment. We showed her evidence of our guiding principles; Maori Perspectives, Sustainable Communities; Diversity; Learning for Sustainability; Empowered Students; and our next steps from there. We then had a representation from from each classroom come in and share what they had been doing over the past 2 years in relation to the environment. We broke into 5 groups and were focusing on one guiding principle each. We wrote our evidence down on paper leaves, and our next steps on paper worms. We then shared our notes, and came together to place them on a paper tree. After overlooking all of our evidence, we decided that we were well and truly a “silver” enviro school. We are now preparing for our Green-Gold reflection for 2018.

Thank you everyone - Zoe

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Here are some photos from the working bee!

Screenshot 2017-10-25 at 4.44.58 PM.png

Kowhai made these beautiful panels

 we painted the pallets
 signing everyone in...

 gardening...we love it!
 more painting...

 the car wash...fun!

 Food for our tummy!
What an awesome day - thank you everyone! Well over 100 people signed in!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Paper-for-Trees Report

Paper for Trees report

For the paper for trees program we ordered our trees last term. Mrs Sutherland and Jiya ordered some NZ Flax and NZ Iris shrubs. Once they have been delivered to our school we will hand them to the gardening gang to plant in our gardens. We are hoping that they will be planted by the end of this year.  

By Jiya, the Paper-for-Trees representative from the Enviro Team.